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Post-Order Services

Shipping Efficiency

Organisation of consignments to maximise shipping space and efficiency. We also advise on freight options.

Ongoing Auditing

Repeat auditing and factory monitoring in conjunction with client and supplier to maintain quality with all orders.

Stockholding Management

Managing orders against stockholding to prevent oversupply resulting in costly storage in the UK.

Additional Source

Should demand exceed the single source supply, we can identify and engage additional suppliers to assist with production, ensuring the same high quality standards are met.

Packaging Solutions

Advice and assistance sourcing robust packaging solutions that will make your products stand out in the crowd.

Currency & Payment

Provide up-to-date exchange rate information, keeping abreast of any currency fluctuations, FX lock and options for payment in different currencies. We also ensure that there is documented transparency when paying the supplier.

Price Tracking

Identify a price structure that can be designed and agreed to incorporate fixed and variable inputs protecting the client from unexpected price fluctuations on an ongoing basis.

Quality Assurance

Ongoing quality management and witness testing. Option of independent third party testing available if required.


Higham Consulting is a leading procurement consultancy that facilitates and creates procurement solutions and establishes reliable supply chains and sources for manufacturing and wholesale organisations.


With extensive experience working in China and the far east, we have applied our expertise across a range of market sectors.


We break the procurement process into pre and post-order services, as detailed below:

Pre-Order Services

Procurement Feasibility Assessment

Initial client face-to-face meeting to fully understand the requirements, assess product understanding, assess enquiry information and carry out procurement risk assessment.


International team conduct remote desktop research to understand the manufacturing base and initiate contact with suitable suppliers.

Factory Audit

Factory audits carried out by our Lloyds of London accredited team to ISO 9001 : 2015 in addition to any supplementary auditing requested by the client.



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